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At JustOneMore, our values are very simple. We aim to deliver quality exercises classes, provide inclusive and accessible gyms that have something for everyone, and a community like feel every time you step in the door. 

Our Classes are suited to any fitness level or ability. Our instructors are the best in the the business, with years of experience and expertise in the industry. 

Our Classes range from High Intensity Circuit training, varying between upper, lower & full body classes, Abs & Core Classes, our 'L1FT' weight based classes, Kettlebell Classes, and if you want to slow down the pace, our Yoga classes too. 

If you want to be part of our JustOneMore family, but are not local to us, we also offer online coaching with our expert team of coaches. 

If you would like to try out our range of classes, meet the team and start to transform your body, mind and fitness, try out our 30 day trial. 



30 Day Trial

Platinum Package

Gold / Silver / Bronze Packages

Our 30 day Trial gives you unlimited access to all the classes we have to offer at JustOneMore. Try them all out, and see what all the noise is about. 

Expires after 30 days of purchase. You can only purchase this product once. 

Online Coaching

We have 3 online coaching plans coming on November 1st. There will be a plan to suit all abilities and price ranges. 

Our Platinum package gives you unlimited access to all of our classes & open gym slots. Our most cost effective & flexible way to train. No Contract.


Gym Only 

Our Gym Only membership gives you full access to the facility, around our class timetable. Get full use of all our kit and space for a fraction of the cost. 

4/3/2 Classes & 4/3/2 Open Gym Credits per week.


Corporate Membership

We want to be part of the regeneration of Castle Street and Hinckley Town Centre. We're offering every business on Castle street a discounted rate on memberships, as well as NHS, Police, Fire & Cadent. Enquire below to claim. 


    Our Classes    


Our flagship class. Split between Upper, Lower & Abs classes, our Circ-HIIT classes are designed to help you burn calories, work hard, and move well. Based around High Intensity Interval and Circuit style training, these are the ultimate calorie burning, fat crunching, motivation pumping class. 

Not only will you be pushing 
yourself further than you thought you could, but you will be coached all the way through the class by the best instructors in the business to ensure you get as much out of your time as possible. 


'L1FT' is our weight based class, designed to help you lift weights safely, effectively and with correct coaching. Our classes are designed to cater for all abilities, from the most experienced 
weightlifters to first timers. A fantastic class to get you started lifting weights, and to help you reap all the benefits of structured weight training. 


Wind down, stretch out and relax with our yoga classes. Keep your mind, muscles & joints in perfect health with our experienced yoga instructors. 

Gym Only

Our Gym Only membership allows users access to the gym for 'Open Gym' sessions between all class times. Perfect if you would like to do any of your own training instead of classes.


JustOneMore - Hinckley
52 Castle Street 
LE10 1DB


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